Favorite Eats:: Birmingham. Part I.

Many of you know that I cried for days when I found out that we were moving to Birmingham.  It couldn't even imagine what life would be like in Birmingham.  Who lives in Alabama, anyway??? 

It was even harder because we were leaving St. Louis and many friends, family and food faves behind.  The first few months in Birmingham were pretty rough.  We had a new baby, a toddler in the beginning stages of terrible two-dom and everything was just so different. 

Our first food encounter in Birmingham was with lemon bars.  A neighbor came to welcome us to the hood and brought us the most delicious lemon bars I had ever had.  As we stood over the sink, in our still empty house, and shoveled the lemony goodness down our throats, I started to give Birmingham a chance. I am so glad I did::
 "cuz' y'all, there be some good eats in this little city...some seriously good eats." 
I am going to order these in order of my favorite, so that when you get the chance to get out sometime soon, you'll be able to check each one off the list and report back!
Please do share your favorites in the comments. 
Maybe we can share a table next time!

Hot and Hot Fish Club::  So quaint and romantic.  Sit at a two top for an intimate dinner, or share the chef's counter for a first hand look at how it all goes down.  Either way, it's a gem.  A real treat to have just a few short minutes down the highway.   Oh, and try the weird sounding stuff on the menu, like Bone Marrow and Pork Belly---your waiter will be impressed, and you'll discover some interesting flavors.  It's all good. 

Veranda on Highland::  We had always overlooked this one for the adjacent Hot and Hot Fish Club, but found ourselves there on a college football Saturday...so, we had the whole place, and the chef, to ourselves.  We got to ask as many questions as we liked, we tasted of a few wines, we had the star treatment.  And, it was wonderful.  I fell in love at first bite with a Soft-Shell Crawfish appetizer with the most amazing sauce.  We have been back twice and it gets better each time. 

Bottega:  Okay...this was a near tie with Veranda.  Bottega is special.  The fine dine side is very swanky.  Thanks to a friend we had some suggestions to start us out.  The Parmesan Souffle-- no words. no crackers. nothing.  Just straight up cheese.  Hello!  Melt in your mouth, I have died and gone to be with the Lord, good.  I am convinced there will be Parm Souffle in Heaven.  If not, I will make it! 

Brock's at Ross Bridge::  Brock's is not your average hotel restaurant.  The service is impeccable.  We have gone for our anniversary for the last 4 years and we always see familiar faces.  Happy employees = they're doing something right.  And indeed they are.  Brock's is off the beaten path, but it feels like a little get-away.  Make it really special and stay the night! 

Bellini's::  So, if you read my blog about St. Louis eats, you saw Annie Gunn's with the steak that has yet to be beat.  Well, even though Bellini's serves mostly Italian fare, the Filet is pretty darn tasty.  I find it hard to order anything else when we go.  The Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad is super fun!   It's a grilled Romaine Heart with a true Caesar dressing and Balsamic reduction.  It's a meal for most, but just gets me started. 

Ocean::  Love Ocean.  The menu is huge, overwhelming to the novice foodie, but I enjoy the challenge.  They have a little of everything, but the seafood is as fresh as it gets.  They have an Oyster Bar featuring Oysters with names and origins I can't even pronounce.  Treat yourself!

Cafe Dupont::  Tasting Menu.  Enough said.  You can handle 7 courses!  Don't be a baby!

There are WAY more unique and wonderful places. 
Try these first! 
Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Baja Burger Baby!! ;) This blog made me hungry again...You did a wonderful job describing these awesome restaurants. I still need to try Botega and Veranda. Totally agree with the rest of your choices. Fantastico!!