Favorite Eats:: Albuquerque, Scottsdale and St. Louis.

We have moved around and traveled A LOT! 
I have gathered a large list of favorite places to eat in each city. 
Except Dallas. 
I was in school, Wade was working a lot and we were broke. 
I am confident there are some good eats in the "Big D."  If you know of some, leave a comment!

There are some serious good eats in the Que. 
The Land of Enchantment is no misnomer.
The food is enchanting.  
The natives call New Mexico the Land of Entrapment.
At least if your trapped, there's delicious food.   
This is where my love affair with food began. 

The Artichoke Cafe::  Wade and I shared our very first Valentine's Day there.  Great food, and I had lamb chops for the first time.

The Taj Mahal::  Me and my cronies were regulars here.  Usually after a night out doing way too much damage to our livers.  The cure::  Indian Buffet and lots and lots of iced tea.  Best in town.  I now compare all Indian cuisine to the Taj. 

The Frontier::  Home of the absolute best breakfast burrito.  And, the infamous "butt sauce."  It's so good.  I have no words.  I often daydream about using one of my Southwest frequent flyer tickets just to fly to Albuquerque for the Frontier.  It's open 24 hours, so I wouldn't need a hotel.  Pretty cost efficient trip.  They ship their tortillas, red chile, and butt sauce.  I have a freezer full, but it's just not the same.


Mosaic:  Another Valentine's dinner.  This was the fanciest place we had been thus far.  They brought us hot towels to clean our hands before eating, and we were introduced to the Amuse Bouche.  Lovely dinner.

St. Louis: 
I could literally list 30+ delicious restaurants in the Lou. 
Going to keep it to my top 5 faves (for now). 

Lemongrass::  Best springrolls and hot and sour soup on the planet.  Vietnamese coffee and the hot pot are also to die for.  I dream about you.

Annie Gunn's::  Best steak I have ever had.  Nothing has ever even come close.  Lamb Loin Chops are "fall off the bone good."  Sometimes I just go to their site and salivate over the menu. 
The best appetizer I think we have ever had as well::
House Smoked Seafood Sampler:Vermont Maple Glazed Jumbo Shrimp, Viking Village Sea Scallops, Troutdale Farm Missouri Trout and Irish Salmon with Traditional Garnishes and House Made Guinness Rye.

An American Place:  Yet another Valentine's date we will never forget.  Wade chose for us to try the 9 course tasting menu.  He looked at the price and thought that it was for two people.  Nope.  But we would so do it again in a heartbeat. 

Remy's Kitchen and Wine Bar::  So many fond memories at Remy's.  Shared a lovely dinner with my besties that I'll always remember.  We each chose an appetizer, an entree, a dessert and a bottle of wine.  It was quite a night!! 

I Fratellini:  Our first dinner out as parents!  We had a babysitter, and we were going out!  This is such a sweet little place.  Tiny space, but so romantic.  We had so much to talk about! 

More cities to come!!
Tell me your faves in the comments section! Please, pretty please!! 

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