Semi-Deceptively Delicious Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies were enough to bring me out of my blog funk.  I bought Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook Deceptively Delicious hoping, like many moms, to get more veggies in my kid's bellies.

I think these cookies will seal the deal.  They are a pretty traditional oatmeal cookie made with all yummy ingredients plus 1/2 cup pureed zucchini and 1 mashed up banana.  My kids would normally NEVER eat zucchini, so I am curious to see what happens when I present them as an after dinner treat.  They rarely get after dinner treats, so my guess is that they are going to L-O-V-E them! 

I already quality-control tasted and they are divine.  I left the zucchini a little less than pureed.  I want them to see the green and like them anyway...subliminal food messages;)

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